Off//Course Take away


Students from the Industrial Design and Graphic Design programs at OCAD University are featuring their self-authored work in progress through print, film, interaction design, prototypes, and full scale models. The projects raise questions and respond to global issues through visual, physical, and interactive outcomes.

The exhibition has been mounted with an intention to engage the public, such that conversation and observation may be thoughtfully integrated into graduation projects; a culmination of four years of study within a Bachelor of Design at OCAD University.

Following the visual identity created by Paz Pereira and Eric Francisco, I was tasked to create a takeaway postcard for exhibition visitors as a memory of their visit. Inspired by the rough edges of the work in progress exhibition, I wanted to capture the same rough edges in the work through the layout and printing. Nothing is fully finished, but in it’s own way a intriguing finished piece hanging on a crooked edge. Printed on risograph, a method that will always have it’s imperfections but is embraced by it’s users.