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For The Love of Live: The Free Label

Apparel Design

Agency: Juliet Creative
Creative Director: Noel Haan
As time passed since the initial summer of lockdown things were slow in Ontario to open up, although necessary many industries suffered financial losses due to being unable to operate within COVID protocol. Musical artists were unable to perform live and had shows cancelled and postponed indefinitely. As part of Julitte’s community initiatives since the start of the pandemic, For the Love of Live was a project to commission several artists to create band tour t shirts for local artists who had shows canceled or indefinitely postponed due to COVID. Partnered up with the musical group The Free Label, I worked with them to visualize their laid back DIY style into a visual inspired by ‘70s party flyers and vintage license plates.

Moodboard 1: License Plate Inspired

Moodboard 2: Underground 70’s Posters