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SiriusXM Music Town


Brand Identity

Creative Director: Niall Kelly
Copywriter: Alex Hughes
Senior Designer: Isabelle Donnelly
SiriusXM wanted to bring big city acts to small towns, and so we created the brand identity and social assets to launch and spread awareness of the contest to help fans rally to bring artists like the Arkells, Dallas Smith, and Walk Off The Earth to play a show in their town.

During the first phase of the campaign people could nominate their town on the Music Town microsite. To help with campaigning, people could print out posters featuring the artist to generate hype.

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Once nominations closed, the 16 towns with the most nominations could be voted for to win. Each area of Canada (East, West, Ontario, and Quebec) had 4 towns nominated.

Examples of the various community engagement throughout the first two phases.

The final 4 towns that would recieve a concert.